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Pucan cutter

Being a big fan of the Irish Pucan and I’m hoping to make building in wood both simpler and more straightforward. An encouragement for builders to have a go at building their own boat. Patterns are now available for each component, including build moulds. Now simply cut the timber accurately to it’s pattern and then fit it.The removal of lofting, spiling and patterning, a major area of uncertantity facing the boat builder when building a wooden boat for the first time. The precise measureing, setting out and re-checking of each part. All very time consuming and skilled. This work removed, instead simply cut the wood accurately to the patterns and create all the components ready for assembly.Traditional materials and construction:

  • Wooden carvel construction using traditional boat building timbers.
  • Fastenings to be principally bronze or copper with galvanized bolts as required.
  • Hull exterior finished with Stockholm Tar and the interior painted.
  • Rubband and wash-strake painted as required.

Scantlings, finished sizes:

  • Planking- 1″ Frames sawn
  • construction- 3″ x 1-1/4″ 
  • Room and Space- 15″ Keel- 7- ½″ moulded by 2-3/4″ sided.

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Albury sloop

Albury sloop Little M built in Abaco Bahamas