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It would be easy to define the SILVER 45 and SILVER 55 as the “Riva of the poor people” as we had ironically called them. Obviously there is no intent of comparison with the famous Italian runabouts (real Rolls-Royces of the sea) which we cannot strive to achieve in luxury, elegance of lines or finishing. Certainly they do not equal them in cost. The scope of our plans is to offer the amateur boat builder the possibility to realize a practical and efficient runabout that may have its own particular elegance. The research is quite evident for the reverse transom: in imitation of the Riva types, we could also have made it slightly convex but we didn’t think it was proper to impose on the constructor this type of difficulty. The shapes of SILVER boats are very classical and there is nothing particularly new in that: in the 60s and 70s the runabout boats were already built in wood with similar shapes. More information at:

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