Oar / Paddle


One of the most versatile and popular of all boats is the 8 ft. flat-bottom pram. It is easily, inexpensively and quickly built, using only 2 sheets of plywood. It is light enough for easy cartopping and can be stowed in a van or pickup truck bed. The pram style hull, with transoms at both ends, offers considerable roominess in a relatively short length. Designed with plenty of bottom rocker, Sprite has proven to be exceptionally quick and maneuverable both under sail and rowing. Sprite’s sailing rig is the simple, but efficient, loose-footed sprit which is easy and inexpensive to fabricate and rig, requiring no high-tech hardware. It can be set up or taken down in seconds, and the whole rig can be stowed inside the boat. The leeboard is simple and effective, and keeps the cockpit free of clutter. Also see Scamp, listed elsewhere in this directory.  

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