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Although extremely simple and essential in its appearance SPRITZ is the result of a long evolution and of a deep study. It has been designed in 2006 on the basis of a previous very similar boat, the FARO’, which with many hundreds of kits and plans sold, had been our best-seller since we started our activity. In SPRITZ we just introduced some minor improvements in the hull lines (a small reduction of the beam, to make it more suitable for rowing and faster). The main innovation is the introduction of a double bottom, which makes the cockpit self draining, facilitating recovery after capsizing, which was the weak point of the FARO’. Inevitably, the construction is a bit longer and we can no more use the slogan coined for the FARO’ “the boat you can build in a week-end” but we think that two week-ends are enough for building SPRITZ (for a good builder who works hard). More information at:

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Boat Launchings


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I was gifted tuition to the WoodenBoat School for my 40

Boat Launchings


The build was started in 2009 by Dr. David Likely of Dorn Ridge N.B.