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Strike 18 sailing trimaran

The 18ft STRIKE is a sailing trimaran design that uses a 16ft beach cat as the outriggers/amas and rig. The main hull is plywood and has a dory shape that is extremely easy to build. The cabin top is removable to convert a fast day sailing boat that sits six in dry comfort into a simple pocket cruiser that sleeps two.Comment from an owner: “We can get the whole family (5) plus friends on board...I’ve had 7 people and could get one more I think. It’s VERY stable.”The flat hull bottom makes it very easy to launch and retrieve, while no trailer chocks are needed. We can now launch and retrieve the boat in under 15 minutes. I timed one such retrieval. We sailed up onto the beach (no motor) at 4.36pm and drove away with the boat lashed down on the trailer at 4.49pm. Thirteen minutes!We also have two other plywood daysailing trimarans, a Strike 15 and a Strike 16. See more on my website

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Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings


After having some uneasy rows on the Strait of Georgia, I decided that a self-bailing sliding sea

Boat Launchings


This Didi 23 was built over the course of 2 years and 4 months.