The T*Boat is a Wood / Plywood / Resin structure. The T* comes in 2 Versions. The T*5 is a one person version and the “Coming Soon” T*Six is a 2 person version. The T*5 can be built from scratch using our Drawing and Instruction Package. Or it can be built using the T*5 Kit. The T*6 will only be offered as a Kit-built boat. The images in this listing are of the T*5

Both boats displace around 100#. The T*5 has a designated displacement of about 265#. And, the T*Six will have a designated displacement of about 700#. When it's required, both boats can employ a landing gear designed for them (a simple kit) which enables easy, one man handling of the boat on the ramp or over terrain. The Seats as well as the Outriggers and the Landing Gear quickly and easily detach when desired. But, that is not at all necessary for normal handling operations.

The T*5 Kits are not presently available. We suspended their sale several months ago so that prospective buyers would not buy a T*5 Kit one month and find that the T*Six Kits were offered the next month. The idea is to give would be builders the opportunity to make a comparison. So, when the new, T*Six is released to the marketplace, the T*5 Kit will also be available again. We are also using this time to build in some improvements to the T*5.

The T*Boat Showroom and Sales are now housed on our brand new website: The Back 40 Museum. We hope you will visit, but if you do, bring your walking shoes. It′s a big, place. It′s a place where you can not only learn about the T*Boat, but also, probably more than you could possibly want to know about the man who designed them, me, Larry Burnett. Our new web address is http://www.TheBack40Museum.com. Hope to meet you there one day soon.

Design Specs

Larry Burnett
Year of Design: 
T*5 = 2'0" Hull / 6'6" Outriggers Extended // T*Six 2'6" Hull // 6'9" Outriggers Extended
3" - 8"
Displacement approximately 100# // Designated Displacement T*5 = 265 / T*Six = 700
Paddle / Electric
Skill Level to Build: 
Available as: 
Kit & Complete Plans
Please see our website for complete price list options
Contact Information: 

Larry Burnett
117 Meadows Rd.
Texarkana, AR 71854
870 648 9107