Tolman Skiff Widebody

Tolman Skiffs are thoroughly modern, ocean capable, vee bottom stitch and glue plywood boats with a dory ancestry. These skiffs are designed for Alaskan waters and are ideal for sport fishing, beach camping, cruising and general work or recreation. Here’s a boat you can build with common tools, common materials, and common skills. Using stitch and glue construction, epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth, these are strong yet lightweight hulls easily assembled by the home builder.

Due to its light weight in relation to its size, a Tolman Skiff is very economical to operate, yet will ride well due to their variable vee-bottom construction, chine flats and spray rails. With stitch-and-glue construction, most of the hull strength comes from the plywood, therefore minimal framing is required. Unlike plank on frame or cold-molded boats requiring hours of labor spent cutting and fastening, Tolman Skiffs consist of bottom panels, side panels and eight pieces of framing: the transom, bowstem, two longitudinal stringers and four pieces of side framing. Even though the hull is marine plywood, every square inch is sheathed in fiberglass cloth set in epoxy resin thereby sealing all the wooden parts from water intrusion.

A Tolman Skiff Widebody is the same basic shape as a Tolman Skiff Standard with the exception of 3″ chine flats and a couple extra feet in length. The stock plans call for a length of 21′ 4″ making the hull about 15% larger than the Standard, but some builders have stretched the length out to 23′.

The Widebody can be built as an open center console, a cabin with hardtop or as a full pilothouse.

Design Specs

Renn Tolman
Year of Design: 
21' - 23'
60hp - 90hp
Skill Level to Build: 
beginner - intermediate
Available as: 
Kit & Complete Plans
Kit + plans - $3500.00. Plans only - $40.00
Contact Information: 

Salt Water Workshop
583 River Rd
Buxton, ME 04093