This is an ultra efficient, modern folding trimaran design with advanced features not found elsewhere. As WoodenBoat Magazine confirmed in their 2017 independent test report (WB#254), she is of uniquely easy construction, yet with sophisticated engineering and great looks; is easy handling and fast, yet dry and comfortable, and is more rough-water capable than most boats her size. Designed, as the ultimate fun boat for those of all ages who no longer want to hang over the rail and get soaked, by an experienced multihull sailor with over 70 years of small boat sailing and 40 years with multihulls. Be you 40 or 80, you will be thrilled (and feel secure) to sail this boat. Can be raced, day sailed or camp-cruised.

The designer is proud to offer this boat in plywood as it’s still a superior material and one that is more environmentally green and recyclable than when 100% plastic. If well built and maintained, such boats can last 50 years or more. First boat has already sailed and camp-cruised nearly 2000 miles. The design is continuously supported by the well-qualified designer, through an encyclopedic website that is highly popular and appreciated worldwide for its FREE yet high quality multihull design information. Supported only by the sale of a few designs, the website offers help to all builders regardless of their design choice, so that well informed, quality information can be available to all.

The W17 trimaran is now available as a plywood kit with all 17 sheets of plywood parts cut to size with CNC precision. Such kits are available in Australia, Europe (via UK) and from CLC Boats in the USA and all use quality marine plywood. Plans for assembly still come directly from the designer. Plans come complete with an richly illustrated manual of some 100 pages and the designer is only an email away if you have some unique question. Its all-round good looks, versatility and excellent performance is making this exciting boat popular world wide and plans have already sold to 33 countries. Yes, trimarans have 3 hulls and two beams to make but the work is straight forward and well explained and once completed you will own a boat that is admired by everyone who sees it. Compare and then get started .. as boat building is a wonderfully rewarding hobby that can teach you many things.

Design Specs

Mike Waters N.A.
Year of Design: 
17ft (5.10)
14ft (4.20) sailing but 7ft-2" folded (2.20)
9" (230)
Weight 420 lbs, Design Displacement 700 lbs
Sail, with optional human power by sculling or paddling, or with pedal drive or small electric motor
Skill Level to Build: 
Moderate but already built by several first-time builders
Available as: 
Kit & Complete Plans
Range from US$3,000 to US$7,000 depending on region and quality. Completed value around $20K
Contact Information: 

Designer questionnaire at above website where plans can also be purchased .. see W17 Main Page