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Wood Duck 10 Hybrid

Beautiful, easy to use recreational kayaks - Here we have two beautiful little kayaks designed for just about everyone to enjoy on the water.  With big cockpits and ample stability, the emphasis is on comfort.  But these boats really paddle well!  Speed is excellent:  you can really cover the miles in a day, while tracking is solid in stiff crosswinds.The Wood Duck Hybrid’s hull is identical to the standard Wood Duck’s, with computer-cut BS 1088 Okoume panels assembled with “puzzle joints” so it goes together very, very quickly. Computer-cut molds are set into the hull with temporary hot glue.  These molds shape and support the deck during construction. The strips are milled with a “bead and cove” joint so that one slides into the next for perfect joinery. While we offer suggested patterns, each builder can develop their own unique strip deck design as they assemble their kit. Run riot with your creativity!  Almost anything is possible.  Parquet decks, anyone? 

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