Speed: Hydroplane Racing on the Connecticut River, 1900-1940


Hydroplane racing embodied innovation, speed, and change. The Speed exhibit encapsulates an activity reflective of America during the early 20th century: innovation, economic change, thirst for modernity, and expanding freedoms for women who could participate in male-dominated sports.

Speed: Hydroplane Racing on the Connecticut River, covers the era of speed racing on the Connecticut River during the first forty years of the Twentieth Century, before America's entry into World War II. Technological innovation, hydroplane design and manufacture, and the people involved in racing - sponsors, designers, and racers are showcased.

April 8 to October 10, 2022.

Connecticut River Museum
The Foot of Main
67 Main Street
Essex, CT 06426

Jane S Raunikar
860.767.8269, ext 122

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