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For nearly five decades, WoodenBoat Publications has gathered a unique worldwide community of skilled wooden boat aficionados, including students, builders, designers, restorers, and owners, and delivered them access to individuals who are deeply experienced in the world of wooden boats.


WoodenBoat is a bimonthly magazine that delivers a blend of traditional and evolving methods of boat design, construction, repair, and related crafts—as well as profiles of unique boats and people. In each of our lavishly illustrated, carefully researched and written issues, we aim to educate and inspire our readers while conveying quality, integrity, and high standards of craftsmanship.

WoodenBoat Issue 295
WoodenBoat Magazine 295

November / December 2023

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John Lisicich bounds into Bruce Bronson’s boatshop—literally bounds, like a kid running into a bike shop on his birthday—and hails his friend with unrestrained joy. “Happy Wednesday! Happy Happy Wednesday! How ya doin’?”

Extended Content

Featured in the Sketchbook department of WoodenBoat magazine No. 284 (January/February 2022) FIN is an auxiliary performance cruiser.

Extended Content

Seattle’s Shell House home of 1936 Olympic gold oarsmen may be preserved.


The WoodenBoat Community is a collection of tools and resources that allow wooden boat builders, designers, owners, would-be owners, and dreamers to interact with each other, find inspiration, and learn something new.

Register of WoodenBoats

Register of Wooden Boats

The Register of Wooden Boats lists information about wooden boats 10′ LOA (length overall) and above.


Year Built
Owner Name
Kevin & Julie Mallory
Home Port
Bainbrdige Island (berthed in Anacortes, WA)


Year Built
Owner Name
William R. Reynolds
Home Port
Hancock, Michigan

Olie Ray

Year Built
Owner Name
E. Thomas Arnold
Home Port
Cincinnati, Ohio


Year Built
Owner Name
John Beckett
Home Port
Boats for Sale

Boats For Sale

Do you have a boat for sale—or are you looking to sell one? This is the page for you.

Catspaw Sailing Dinghy $8,000

Joel White’s redesign of Herreshoff’s Columbia dinghy. Built to WoodenBoat plans, 2018. Steam bent white oak ribs, mahogany transom, rudder, thwarts, centerboard trunk. Cedar lapstrake planks.

1949 Matthews 40’ Sport Cruiser

Take a step back in time to the year 1949 when Humphrey Bogart and Ernest Hemingway were embarking on a fishing adventure to the Florida Keys aboard Miss Sherwood, a brand new Matthews 40 foot Spor

1955 Lyman Runabout 20ft

1955 Lyman. Great boat loved the memories. Bought it for my wedding and had it restored. New fuel tank last year, rebuilt carburetor, new fuel filter.

Plans and Kits

Plans & Kits

If you’re in the market for a boat to build, this directory of Boat Plans & Kits is a fine place to start. And if your company sells plans or kits, we invite you to list your offerings here. 

Workstar 17

The Workstar 17 concept of plywood/epoxy boat building was the result of a co-operation between Working Boats UK Ltd and Humphreys Yacht Design, which enabled people with no experience in building

Ladva 500

During rise of the nautical tourism on east Adriatic coast in late 1980s, there was a lack in offer of smaller sailboats for day rent and sailing lessons.


“Breeze” is a 10′ (3m) double paddle canoe. Two sheets of plywood needed. Stitch and glue construction using 3″(75mm) fiberglass tape in epoxy for all seams inside and out.


A stately 10′ rowing/sailing tender originally designed for my own first time build which is currently underway.



This section of our web site, an extension of the Launchings department of WoodenBoat magazine, is dedicated to sharing news of recently launched wooden boats built or restored by our readers.

SOAR, Gartside #135 tender

SOAR, launched November 2023.  8′ tender, glued lap construction, butternut thwart, western red cedar floor boards, cast bronze knees. 


Named for feisty duck in Hagar the Horrible, this small boat is a Milgate Duck Punt.


Launching of my cedar strip planked row boat. It is a 15′ Rangeley lake boat. The plans are from Newfound Woodworks. Made out of eastern cedar, western cedar, black ash and spanish cedar.


CLC kit, Jimmy Skiff II.Launched on July 8th 2023, built in home garage by Michael Selby with assistance from my wife Keren over a 2 year period.



From Australia to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean to New England, and the Pacific Northwest to Asia, the worldwide wooden boat community hosts a vast number of shows, regattas, and other gatherings annually.


WoodenBoat Forum

The WoodenBoat Forum is an online community dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information related to wooden boats.