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Pinguino 145 Wooden Kayak Kit

A beautiful, fair, multi-chine hull minimizes her wetted surface and maximizes her speed. The Pinguino 145’s big advantage is the fact she has less wetted surface and less frictional drag than longer boats, meaning it takes less effort to paddle at cruising speeds. She is lightweight and great for day paddles or light touring. She’s more stable with more knee height and foot room than any of our other touring boats, except the Borealis XL. She tracks solidly, but thanks to her shorter length is quick to turn. She lays over securely on edge and cuts a very rapid chine (leaned) turn. The Pygmy four panel deck design brings the sheer down, so even with her 25.5″ beam, the Pinguino still allows comfortable low or high angle stroke. She has a large 19″x36″ cockpit, and can also be ordered with a 17″x33″ cockpit opening for smaller paddlers. While she is a recreational boat at heart, she also performs well in the surf and makes a great light touring kayak.

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Well maintained (Ballantine Boat Shop) early 2000s Joel White design sailboat. New sails.