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PT Eleven nesting dinghy

The PT 11 is a very versatile boat. It rows, sails, and motors and it does all those things exceptionally well. It also nests for carrying on the deck of your sailboat or in the back of a vehicle. Designed with serious cruising in mind, our aim has been to create a nesting dinghy with the following parameters:

  • Rugged, practical, and as light as possible.
  • With interior geometry designed around the connective area in a way that allows practical use and nesting.
  • When nested, the smallest possible package.
  • Easy assembly; our method allows assembly in the water or out, in light chop, or in the dark, in about 20 seconds.
  • To create a well developed, quality kit that just about anyone can build.

The PT Eleven is the first of a planned series of modern dinghy designs from Port Townsend Watercraft.

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