Sample Articles From WoodenBoat Magazine

  • by Bruce Halabisky

    Bruce Halabisky and Tiffany Loney departed British Columbia ten years ago in their 34′ Atkin cutter, VIXEN. During their ensuing circumnavigation, they had two daughters and uncounted adventures while living on a modest budget.
  • by Matthew P. Murphy

    KATIE MACK is a 46′ bridge-deck cruiser built in British Columbia and launched in 1932. She was a rumrunner originally. Today, she cruises New England waters as the summer retirement home of Pam and Hugh Harwood.
  • by Arista Holden

    She is the newest, and definitely shiniest, of the very few Viking boats to ever arrive on New England shores within the last millennium.
  • Text and photographs by Maynard Bray

    Boating in fresh air may be invigorating, but there’s nothing like settling into a cozy cabin at the end of the day. It soothes the spirit and is one of the great pleasures of being out on the water.
  • by Scott Rohrer

    After being fully restored to sailing condition by professionals with the help of a group of volunteers, PIRATE sails out of The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, Washington, not far from where she was originally launched.
  • There are reference materials—books, websites, forums, and well-thought-out tools on—that can help you dig deeper into terms and concepts presented in WoodenBoat . This edition of Getting Started in Boats will be a list of resources.
  • More than 500 boats were displayed on land and in the water at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in February. The biannual event covers the sprawling waterfront of Hobart, in the island state of Tasmania.
  • Text by Matthew P. Murphy
    Photographs by Alison Langley

    The sloop ANNA is, effectively, a big daysailer—but one with elegant and comfortable accommodations for the occasional offshore delivery passage.
  • Text by WoodenBoat Editors
    Illustrations by Jan Adkins

    Here are ideas for how you, at any age and in any location, can get aboard to sail, get your hands dirty maintaining, or garner skills for building before you ever think of digging into your wallet to own a boat. The best boats for a beginner, truly, are Other People’s Boats.
  • So, this is my story of how, essentially, my grand­father saved my life...