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WoodenBoat 252, September/October 2016

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  • Preserving an Era — The yachting photography of Leslie Jones by Matthew P. Murphy
  • TATTLER II —  A new sandbagger for Lake Geneva by John Summers
  • The GYPSY Boys — A 102-year-old gaff yawl and Australia’s spirit of “mateship” by Bruce Stannard
  • Gar Wood Custom Boats — Preserving a legendary brand by Evelyn Ansel
  • Slender as a Sliver — A no-frills 62' double-ender that is all about sailing by Neil Rabinowitz
  • Itinerant Gypsy Boatbuilders — Saving the Arctic schooner BOWDOIN for another generation of service by Joshua F. Moore
  • A Conversation with Jens Langert, Rigger — Making the case for historic techniques 
    and materials by Sandrine Pierrefeu
  • The Brake-Drum Forge — Building a simple heating device for shaping metal by Harry Bryan
  • Getting Started in Boats: Night Falls — Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins

Cover: The re-created East Indiaman GÖTHEBORG reached 12 knots in boisterous conditions in the South China Sea on her 2007 return to Sweden from China. Jens Langert, who specializes in traditional rigging, was aboard as rigging master and bosun for the voyage. Photograph by Robin Aron Olsson.

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