Sample Articles From WoodenBoat Magazine

  • by Nic Compton

    KORNELISKE YKES II sails out of Queenborough, England, at the mouth of the River Thames on a historic journey with an environmental mission. She’s a newly built reproduction of the type of eel barges that commonly sailed between Holland and England from the 17th century until the last one left London about 80 years ago.
  • by Matthew P. Murphy
    Photographs by Benjamin Mendlowitz

    The sardine carrier WM. UNDERWOOD was launched in 1941 in response to a wartime spike in demand for canned herring. She was relaunched in August 2019 after more than a decade of rebuilding and yacht conversion.
  • by Bruce Stannard

    Famous among racing sailors in Auckland, New Zealand, the 45′ cutter IDA was designed by Charles Bailey and built by his sons, Charles and Walter, in Auckland in 1895.
  • Text and photographs by Tyler Fields

    At Ship’s Coy Forge in Lyman, New Hampshire, Med Chandler develops the shape of a caulking iron. These tools are one of the primary products of the forge, which also makes hardware.
  • Text by Randall Peffer
    Photographs by Steve Jost

    The year was 2005 and Tretter, his father, Bud, and a crew had taken their restored 85′ Army Air Forces crash boat P–520 from their home in Long Beach, California, to Puget Sound to lead a parade of tall ships.
  • by Juan E. Corradi

    They embarked upon a search for “a boat beautiful and old-fashioned, a boat in which we could have peace and freedom away from gadgets and easy comforts, relying mostly on the old arts of seamanship.”
  • by Nigel Sharp

    Mullet boats developed beyond their fish-boat roots, providing almost a century’s worth of high performance and thrills to a long line of sailors in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • by Nigel Sharp

    On the outside, the 20′ runabout ZELECTRA harks back to 1940s-vintage Chris-Craft Barrelbacks. Under the hood, she’s on the cutting edge of propulsion technology.
  • Text by Randall Peffer
    Photographs by Steve Jost

    The crew on ROUTE 66 hikes hard during the final charge to the finish line of the first 2019 Sun Series Race.
  • by Art Paine

    The former sardine carrier GRAYLING steams along Eggemoggin Reach, Maine, soon after her restoration in 1997. Benjamin River Marine accomplished the vessel’s conversion to a yacht under the guidance of the yard’s then co-proprietor, Doug Hylan.