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The videos, photographs, and articles posted here relate to specific issues of WoodenBoat.


  • This 3-D animation is of the concept boat BULLNOSE featured in the Sketchbook department of WoodenBoat magazine No. 277 (November/December 2020).
  • Featured in Design Sketchbook from WoodenBoat Magazine, September/October 2020. BELLE is an 11′ performance-minded sail-and-oar boat for an experienced 13-year-old sailor who wishes to learn traditional boatbuilding.
  • MASH is a small powerboat with a big mission: She’s meant to carry a family of five—and perhaps six—on daytime adventures and occasional overnights on Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho.
  • This is the basic Sea Sled shape: a conventional powerboat hull with a flat transom sliced vertically down its centerline, bow-to-stern, the halves then transposed and reconnected.
  • The aptly named MO LA MOLA is an enlarged take on the concept of the ubiquitous Sunfish sailboat. It is a big, simple daysailer meant to carry a crew weight of about 400 lbs.
  • The houseboat PIKE measures just shy of 19′ LOA. She provides reasonable accommodations for two tall adults and is seaworthy enough to be moved from place to place in up to 3′ waves. She can be built and stored in a standard garage.
  • EOS
    The electric motorsailer EOS is meant to serve as the tender to a 22′ St. Ayles skiff—a 22′, four-oared rowboat—that has been adapted to make music in an attempt to communicate with whales.
  • PENNY is featured in Design Sketchbook in WoodenBoat Magazine 270, Sept/Oct 2019: This is the 3-D concept drawing and design profile.
  • In WB No. 270, Jean-Baptiste R.G. Souppez presented the basic findings and analysis of his study of the effects of scarf angle on the strength of scarf joints. Here, he presents further details of the study.
  • SURF SCOTER is an open-water, car-toppable single rowing shell. She uses a kit rowing rig from Angus Rowboats ( www.angusrowboats.com ). The calmer the conditions, the lower the oarlocks can be set, and the longer the oars can be.