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The videos, photographs, and articles posted here relate to specific issues of WoodenBoat.


  • The following information detailing the mechanics of lightning ground systems is extracted from an article in WoodenBoat magazine No. 136, May/June 1997, and referenced in an article about lightning damage by Jonathan Klopman and Joshua Moore in WB No. 215, July/August 2010. Lightning damage involving wooden boats can run the gamut from merely a fried antenna to serious structural damage,...
  • WB No. 213: Video — Duke Besozzi discussing sustainable white-oak harvesting.
  • WB No. 210 & No. 211: Video — Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff–A Maine Coast classic redesigned for strip-planking.
  • WB No. 192: STAVANGER, a rescue boat is one of the last of her type in existence, and probably the most original. STAVANGER is one of the last Colin Archer rescue boats in existence, and probably the most original. See WoodenBoat No. 209, November 2009 for the full story. In Tom Jackson’s Currents column in WoodenBoat No. 246, Nic Compton reports on the uncertainty of STAVANGER’s...
  • WB No. 192 author Maynard Bray wrote about four of L. Francis Herreshoff's finest ketches. In this video Doug Hylan speaks of L. Francis Herreshoff and QUIET TUNE.