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The videos, photographs, and articles posted here relate to specific issues of WoodenBoat.


  • This is the 3-D concept drawing to supplement the installment found in WB No. 267, March/April 2019. WB No. 267: RED PEPPER is a performance cruiser driven by a freestanding cat-ketch rig. The lightweight masts are of carbon fiber, and the wishbone booms make for simple sail handling. While this boat is a narrow sailing machine, the deck layout is easy to negotiate. The raised sheer amidships...
  • Leo Goolden, a native of England who learned boatbuilding in yards in Bristol and Cornwall, wrote in WB No. 266 about the daunting task of replacing the 48′ LOA yacht’s timber keel.
  • This is the 3-D concept drawing to supplement the installment found in WB No. 266, January/February 2019. SKEETER is a classic houseboat meant for long-distance voyaging in protected waters. With a draft of just 13″, the boat can work its way into shallow, uncrowded anchorages.
  • This is the 3-D concept drawing to supplement the installment found in WB No. 265, November/December 2018. AEAEA is a 39′4″ trimaran motorsailer meant to be used for water-quality sampling. She’d also make a dry, comfortable, and stable cruiser. The main hull (vaka) shows simple, dory-like sections. The boat will beach easily.
  • From WoodenBoat magazine No. 264, September/October 2018: QUICK and CLEAN are a pair of concept kayaks designed by the author to Alan Skinner’s Component Waveform Theory.
  • The Launchings section of WB No. 264 shows a 26′ Monomoy surf rescue boat recently launched in northern California.
  • From WoodenBoat magazine No. 263, July/August 2018: PICOTINE’s profile and lapstrake construction make her appear traditional, but she’s actually a contemporary expedition cruiser.
  • From WoodenBoat magazine No. 262, May/June 2018: STRAY is a yacht tender dressed up as a Cape Cod catboat. The boat will move through the water with ease whether loaded or light. She’ll be a bit tippy initially, due to her U-shaped sections, but will firm up as she heels.
  • FUSION, an electric day boat, is designed to a new theory describing how boats move through water. Her propulsion is an electric outboard motor, which rests in a lifting box and allows for silent cruising. FUSION’s retro-classic look is based upon the slipper launches of the Thames River. A hard-mounted sun awning provides protection from the harsh Australian sun.
  • Gold leaf, as a material, comes to the consumer after a fascinating manufacturing process that you can watch below. The footage comes from British Pathé, an impressive and enthralling newsreel archive in London, England, that has converted many of their 85,000 short films to digital versions that are available free to the public through YouTube. This one here was filmed in 1959 at a manufacturer...